Artists Statement

   I use pen & ink to draw lines that create multiple layers and depict complex views of
dimension. I also like to use mixed media such as collage & paint in my work. Using many
different kinds of medium allows me to explore how texture can affect visual space.
Landscapes, both urban and natural, inspire much of the work I do. The juxtaposition of the
busy dimensionality of man-made environments and the flow of organic systems is a point of
fascination for me. The rigidity of city lines and the fluidity of nature seem to be in opposition,
but I enjoy discovering their ties to each other as it unfolds through their complex patterns and
sophisticated structures.

   Mysticism plays a large role in the imagery that I choose to use. I often incorporate such
objects as pyramids or constellations in order to reflect the symbolism and intellect behind
ancient wisdom and myth. I feel that these legends and stories lend themselves to the
development and discovery of spirituality and human connectivity.

   The internal and external struggles of human conflict is portrayed in my work. I often portray
figures in groups. They can be read as a singular entity portraying many facets of emotion, or
as many humans coming together in response to a shared experience. The role of memory
also plays into the way I render human struggle. I am constantly trying to explore the ways
that we grapple with our past, present, and future. Humans often find it difficult to reconcile
the decisions they've made in the past with the consequences that unfold in the present and
future. I try to explore the duality of the infinite amount of choices we have to make and the
singular result of these decisions.